Burnside Nylon Cartridge Case

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Nytillverkade nylonhylsor av högsta kvalitet. Passar antik Burnside Carbine. Pris per styck.

Info från tillverkaren Lodgewood Mfg.:
"They're here! After countless tweaking, test firing, re-molding, and brainstorming we've finally developed an affordable, plastic Burnside case. Made of sturdy nylon, these cases are almost dimensionally identical to our brass cases. And like our brass cases, extra material has been left on the bottom to allow users to easily sand them to a fit their burnsides, as we've found that the chambers of original guns vary quite a bit.

These cases vary from our brass offerings in one major way-the case mouth is slightly smaller. This was done purposefully to increase the longevity and reloadability of the cases. Because nylon has some memory, we've found that although the first bullet can be difficult to seat, after one or two reloads, the case will stretch to accept the bullet easily while still holding it firmly. 

By contrast, we found that if we molded cases with mouths that were larger, they eventually stretched to the point that they would not reliably hold a bullet during subsequent reloads.

We've also found that bullets will seat easier if the nose of a .58 minie ball is pressed into the mouth of the case to open it up before pressing a bullet in."